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Vintage Bridal Trends for 2016

Most little girls have dreams of becoming a beautiful ballerina in a lacy tutu, but every little girl dreams of being a magnificent bride! Planning a wedding can be a tricky, stressful task because you want it to be as lovely as possible .If you're a budding bride-to-be you may well be flooded with the glorious images of what your special day could look like – if you had an unlimited budget and a whole cast of TLC hosts to plan it for you! Thankfully, planning your vintage wedding doesn't have to be the cause of your sleepless nights. We have made it easier for you by combining the hottest trends for vintage weddings for 2016! Better still, we have all that you need to make your vision a reality! From lace to parasols to lighting we've got the right stuff for the perfect wedding!

Lacy Little Number

Lace always has been a staple for vintage-inspired weddings! From a gorgeous vintage lace wedding gown, to adding a touch of class with lace parasols for your bridesmaids, nothing says old school charm quite like a little bit of lace.

Tip: Replace your bouquet with a lace parasol to add unusual flair to your special day! You can get them here: /collections/new-arrivals/products/lace-parasols

Lace parasol

Light it up

Your wedding's décor is the one part of the whole event that people will remember and notice. Next to the venue and the photographer, the décor makes up a massive chunk of where you spend your money. You can cut a few costs by being crafty and clever with your wedding planning and using unique ways of lighting your event. Adding candlelight is a great way to add romance to your wedding without breaking the bank.

Tip: Keep empty glass jars to create visually delicious candle holders for your décor. We have an illumined option for any taste here: /collections/led-lights

Wedding decor

Honey, We've Got Combs

Add some Sixties chic to your wedding with colourful honeycombs as a decorative feature. These clever little gems work so well as a backdrop for your wedding photos, plus double as décor for your home! And who doesn't love a multitasking item that looks this cute (just like you, right?)?

Tip: Honeycombs go perfectly with paper lanterns, so you can mix and match textures to create Instagram-worthy décor.

Get your honeycomb fix here: /collections/decor/products/honeycomb-balls

Wedding decor - pom poms

Wedding Planning Tip: With a little bit of planning and some creative flair, you can have the wedding of your dreams! Pastel colours are still popular for those dreamy, vintage weddings that evoke the Roaring Twenties, while bold colours are great for weddings with a Sixties and Seventies feel! Make your life easier by picking your colour palette to suit the era you're after!

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