Five of the Best Gift Ideas for Your First Anniversary

If you've loved him for a year give him paper. Yes, paper! For longer than you can imagine, couples have celebrated their first anniversary with a gift of paper. For centuries, paper was considered the ideal first gift for a married couple and although it is now considered a “traditional” gift, it is still a timeless and fun alternative. If you are getting ready to celebrate one year of matrimonial bliss with your spouse, you might want to shake things up a bit with this new, old take on gift giving.

We've found five of the best ways you can use something as simple as paper to create a memorable DIY paper anniversary gift!

Love Letters in the Sky

These days, we text and email so often that something as simple and personal as a love letter is rare. Remind the love of your life how special they are by writing them a love letter. Better still, make it an event and replace conventional paper with Bamboo Round Lanterns. Then, scatter and hang them up all over your home, leading your love to special snippets that come straight from the heart.

Brownie Points: Place the love letters in a kind of romantic treasure hunt that culminates in an invitation to dinner for just the two of you.

Written in the Stars

Speaking of dinner, date night makes for a great substitute for a gift if you are more interested in making memories than buying moments. Plan the perfect dinner date for your love by preparing their favourite meal. Then, illuminate your home with a variety of gorgeous luminaries that lead the way to a night of romance.

Brownie Points:  Think out of the box and light up the unusual in your home. Create a magical space by lighting up windows, bath tubs, passage, you name it! Set the mood with a golden glow.

Speaking of Memories

Romance doesn't have to be super serious! Show your playful side with a fun treasure hunt through the garden! Hide 12 clues inside bright and colourful watermelon lanterns. Each clue symbolises each month you have shared together as a married couple. Think of a highlight from each month together to use as a clue that leads your love to a wonderful surprise!

Brownie Point: A whole year together is rich with 365 days of love. The shared laughter, the hand-holding, the glasses of wine, the stolen kisses and all of the bits in between. Remind your love of those moments by having reminders of a year shared together.

Sweet Hearts

What is more romantic than shared laughter? If you and your loved one have a sweet tooth, sweet life and love a little laughter, then this next suggestion is perfect for you! Pair a sweet treat with a sweet joke and bold paper pinwheels to add some sweet flair to your event. Not only will the two of you have a lot to laugh about, but you'll have sweets to share and what is more romantic than sharing in happiness? One liners and “knock knock” jokes are the best for bite sized bits of laughter!

Brownie Points: Have all of your partner's favourite sweets, even the ones you don't really like. They will appreciate sharing something they love with you and love that you are sharing it with them too.

You Light up my Life

Releasing a red-heart sky lantern with a unique message written on it is romantic and special in so many ways. This idea is an old favourite of couples the world over and one that will never get old. Plus, it is so lovely and so simple that it could easily accompany any plans you make to celebrate your love. . It is a tradition that you can carry on long after your first anniversary.

Brownie Points: Save sharing the gift with your loved one up until you've released the lantern, then present the anniversary gift to them while the warm and fuzzies are still flowing from the romantic gesture.


thami ndlovu
thami ndlovu

January 24, 2017

sky lantern price ranges

rethabile lenkoane
rethabile lenkoane

December 05, 2016

I would like to buy flying lantens for the event we are goinf to make on the 31 december 2016. Where can i get them in South Africa ?


June 20, 2016

Good day
I would like to purchase a lantern which me and my fiancé can lite and watch it rise to the sky at night.
How much does it cost?

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