Simple Cost-Effective Ways To Use Paper Lanterns In Your Wedding Decor

Today’s bride is undoubtedly budget-conscious.

With so many bridal couples paying for their own weddings, there’s a need to be creative in finding ways to stretch that wedding budget as far as possible. One of the smartest areas for brides to be mindful of the Rands and cents is in her wedding décor.

As a bride, you can save a load of cash by doing your own décor, or by purchasing and assembling the décor elements beforehand. When you buy all the décor elements beforehand, it’s then a simple matter of tasking your wedding planner or venue manager with décor set-up, in order to spend less on this aspect of the wedding. There might be a set-up fee involved, but this is usually negotiable.

We’ve taken a look at the latest trends in wedding party décor across the web and put together this gorgeous list of inspirational pictures and tips, for you to get thinking about as you plan your wedding décor.



When it comes to decorating the aisle for the bride to make an entrance, using small round paper lanterns to hang from chairs at the wedding ceremony venue is a simple, effective decor alternative to flowers and it’s so much cheaper, easier and far less time-consuming to achieve.

You’ll need two paper lanterns per row of chairs/pew, a reel of thick ribbon, some scissors and bow-tying skills and you’ll be good to go.The paper lanterns you choose to use could all be the same colour with a complementary-coloured ribbon, or you could have some fun mixing and matching colours. View the colours available in our store.

Picture Credit: Wedding Bee.



Create a gorgeous backdrop for your outdoor/garden wedding using a few simple paper lanterns. Hang them randomly at different heights, or cluster them in variegated groups of three for a balanced, visually-pleasing enhancement to your beautiful natural setting.

Picture Credit: Bowties & Bliss.

 Having cocktail hour for your guests, so that they can refresh themselves between your wedding ceremony and the reception? Decorate the drinks station area inexpensively using paper lanterns. This garden wedding in Joburg made good use of an old tree with low-hanging boughs, by adorning it with a mix of lanterns and paper tissue pom poms.

This country-inspired wedding reception was an informal outdoor picnic. Great use is made of paper lanterns and fairy lights to create a simple, but utterly gorgeous romantic ambiance for the event. These fuschia pink and turquoise paper lanterns are spaced widely apart - which means you won't need hundreds of lanterns to recreate the same effect in your wedding reception decor.

Thought plain white round paper lanterns were too boring for wedding reception decor? Think again. Grab some colourful ribbon and snip off a few lengths. Mix and match ribbon colours and tie the strands to the bottom of the wire expander of the paper lantern. Once these lanterns are suspended, the ribbon tails will catch the breeze and create a beautiful, fluttering visual effect.


Simply stunning paper lanterns!


Looking for even more DIY wedding inspiration? Find it on our Pinterest boards!

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