5 Ways To Use Paper Lanterns In Your Home Decor

Paper lanterns make great party decor. If you've used them before, you'll know it's really hard to bring yourself to take down the lanterns and pack them away. So we put together a list of a few ways you can bring paper lanterns into your home decor, so you can have that party-feeling every time you walk into that room.

1. Use these striking irregularly-ribbed bamboo lanterns to create an inviting, informal dining area. Colours here are cool and calm, which go extremely well with the stark white of the lanterns. This look is easy and inexpensive to recreate in your own dining space.

Picture Credit: via Allyn Brown.


2. Want to bring colour into your kids' bedrooms without painting the walls? Use a string of our tiny paper lanterns in different colours. Don't worry about creating a colour pattern, randomly clustering different colours together looks really incredible. If you were so inclined, you could add in a string of fairy lights to turn this wall decor into a night-light feature as well.

Picture credit: Kids Room Ideas.

3. Another thing that's so hot right now for home decor is clusters of paper lanterns. We think this paper lantern chandelier made from a bunch of bamboo paper lanterns is magnificent. All it takes is a fistful of lanterns. To light them up, hide a hanging bulb fixture in the cluster.

Picture Credit: Mr Kate.

4. Got a dull window that needs some attention? There's no need to replace the blinds or curtains. Make a paper lantern wind chime to hang in front of it. by stringing lanterns, beads and bells from the ceiling. When the window is open, the arrangement will catch the breeze and tinkle gently. When the sun shines through, the lanterns will be beautifully illuminated.

Picture Credit: In The Little Yellow House.

5. There's no need to spend a fortune on wall art for your bedroom. Keep it simple! Create the perfect backdrop for your peaceful haven, by making an installation out of our eyelet lanterns, mixed with round paper lanterns. Use glue or double-sided tape to adhere the lanterns to the wall.

Picture Credit: Ariakano.

Looking for even more inspirational home decor ideas using paper lanterns? Find it on our Pinterest boards.

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