Paper Decorations - Getting Creative With Tissue Pom-Poms

When it comes to party planning and decor design, you don't have to be a designer to create something beautiful. Nor do you need a massive budget. All it takes is a little creativity, to stretch your money and make an eye-catching setting for your event. 

That's where paper party decorations come in. Sure, you can make your own paper decorations from scratch, if you have the time. All you need is some gorgeous tissue paper or scrapbook paper, scissors and craft glue and time - lots of time. DIY paper decorations can be very time-consuming, so if you don't have a minute to spare, it's best to buy the ready-made kind. 

Ready-made paper decorations are inexpensive and they're so easy to assemble and set up. Best of all, once you're done, you can pack the paper decorations up and put them in a box to be re-used for another party. That's why paper decorations are the party planner's best friend - you can really get your money's worth by re-using these items.

Whether you're planning a child's birthday party, a bridal shower, an anniversary celebration or a pool party in your back yard, paper decorations add fun flair and look really impressive without any hassle.

So what do we mean, when we say "paper decorations"? Oooh. You're in for a treat. We're talking tissue paper pompoms, paper garlands, paper pinwheel fans, honeycomb balls, watermelon lanterns and more. 


Here are some ideas and inspiration for your next party, with a focus on paper tissue flower pom-poms.


Tissue paper flower pom-poms

These are also known as tissue paper flowers  and these are easily the most cost-effective and beautiful way to decorate any event, party or wedding. Originally the brainchild of Martha Stewart (that clever, crafty lady!) these tissue paper pompoms come flat-packed (in packs of 5) but it’s a simple matter of unfolding them and fluffing the individual tissue paper leaves until you get the puffiness you’re looking for. 

Get them in fuschia pink, gold, turquoise, white or silver - the perfect complement to any colour scheme. 

What can you do with these tissue paper flowers? Have a look.


Create gorgeous centrepieces for tables. Perfect for wedding receptions, dinner parties and special family occasions. So easy! (Image credit: Fresh Baby Showers)


Highlight your gift table or your cake buffet at a bridal or baby shower with a simple, gorgeous backdrop using paper tissue pompoms adhered to a wall. Quick and effortless. (Image credit: Celebrate in Style)


A visually stunning overhead display is easy, when you're mixing tissue paper pompoms with chinese lanterns and fairy lights. Don't want to run extension cables to plug in your fairy lights? No problem. Try these battery-operated hanging floralytes. You can even hang them inside your paper lanterns, to light them up for nighttime events. How clever!?

A beautiful centrepiece for your candy buffet or cake table is as simple as this. A few twigs from the garden hung with tissue paper flowers pompoms, some upcycled planter pots covered in gorgeous wrapping paper and some glass jars with little embellished birdhouses, and you've got yourself a stunning woodland-inspired decor masterpiece. (Image via Mummy's Little Dream)


Worrying yourself silly over flowers for your decorating the aisle for your wedding? Will they wilt in the heat? How much will the flower arrangements cost? Stop thinking blossoms and leaves and think tissue paper instead! You'll save yourself a fortune and be able to put that money to much better use. All you need to do is get some pretty ribbon to hang the tissue paper pom poms from the chairs lining the aisle. (Image credit:

Create a welcoming entrance for your house or garden party, using a few paper flowers pompoms strung from trees in the garden. Let people know where the party's at, with pompoms instead of balloons on the gate - it's unique, whimsical and totally different! (Image credit: Parties4me)


Looking for even *more* inspiration? Find some on our Pinterest boards!

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