Getting Creative With Balloons: Party Decor Inspiration

Winter is over, which means that party season is upon us.  If you’re planning on throwing a party in the near future, you'll enjoy these simple and inexpensive decorating ideas to add some easy flair to your bash.

There's so much you can do with balloons, and it's no surprise that while we were trawling the Internet for ideas for this blog post that we came across heaps and heaps of party decor ideas and inspiration involving balloons. And with good reason too - balloons are cheap, they make a big visual impact and they're easy to work with.

Here are some great creative ideas for balloon decor that we've put together for your eyeball enjoyment:

1. Make a really cool confetti balloon birthday banner. You'll need some confetti, clear balloons and alphabet cut-outs to spell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". The rest of the instructions can be found on Real Simple.

2. Jazz up some plain ol' balloons with paper confetti for sprinkles-inspired magic. Create bunches of confetti balloons for easy party decor. All you need is a pack of white balloons, some colourful paper circles and some glue - there's nothing to it!

3. Create a gorgeous rainbow backdrop for your sweetie buffet using balloons and paper streamers. You can use different colour combinations to great effect. All you need to do is blow up the balloons, tape them to the wall, and then arrange the streamers underneath. It doesn't get more budget-friendly than this!

4. Photos + helium balloons = a gorgeous eye-level centrepiece that's guaranteed to be the centre of attention. It's a great way to bring photos into your party decor and it's much cheaper than framing them. It's also much prettier than merely taping the photos to a wall. This way, they'll be visible while your guests are all sitting around the table, and it's sure to stimulate some interesting conversation, as people reminisce about the events captured in the photographs!


5. These doughnut-inspired balloons are sooo cute.  We're pretty sure you're already thinking up excuses to use them - they'd make great props for photoshoots and will work well as party decor, too. 

5. Use balloons in your selected colour palette to create simple garlands to string outdoors. You don't need helium for this, just a few packs of balloons, a really long spool of thick string or ribbon and a good set of lungs to blow them up. 

6. Make a backdrop of bubbles, using pearly-finish transparent balloons for your bubbly bar.  Blow them up to different sizes, and arrange them on the wall, so it looks like they're coming out of the punch bowl or champers bottle. Fun! 


7. Use special glow-in-the-dark balloons for nighttime parties. Just because your party is happening in the dark, doesn't mean you can't bring the magic of balloons into your party decor. These are special illoom balloons, that have a little patented LED lightbulb inside. Once the light is activated, they’ll glow for over 15 hours - awesome!

8. Turn any balloon into a glow-in-the-dark balloon using glow sticks. The possibilities here are endless. Float them in the pool, hang them in bunches, or use them to create spooky Halloween party decor

9. Dip your balloons in glue and then glitter to add a dash of sparkly metallic to your colour palette. Or use a paintbrush and some craft paint to transform each balloon into something unique.

10. Create a balloon ceiling with helium balloons and long strings or ribbons. This is a really dramatic way to use balloons and it looks amazing in photos. Tip: if possible, fill the helium balloons at the party venue, instead of trying to fit them all in your car!


If you're looking for even more party decor inspiration, you'll find it over on our Pinterest boards - give us a follow! 

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