Top 10 DIY Baby Shower Decor Ideas on a Budget

Welcoming a new baby into the world is as good a reason to celebrate as any and a baby shower is a great way to bring friends and family together to spoil the mum-to-be with gifts, love and attention.
If you're planning a baby shower, we've put together some fabulous ideas and tips on DIY party decor to show you that you don't have to spend a fortune to throw a dazzling do.

1. Use Paper Lanterns & Paper Bunting For Quick, Easy & Bright Shower Decor.

By combining bright colours with bold patterns, you won't have to use a lot of decor elements or pieces to create a statement party. Hang a few strings of Chinese lanterns (in different colours and sizes) from the wall behind your candy buffet, along with some paper bunting for an easy-to-DIY party look. {Image Credit: Lilian Hope Designs}

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2. Use Pastels & Paper Lanterns To Pretty Up An Outdoors Brunch Or Tea Party.

There's nothing more elegant than the simplicity of long, flowing white tablecloths for an outdoor baby shower sit-down tea or brunch party. Add a touch of colour with pastel table-runners and napkins. Keep it simple and can use fresh flowers and other botanicals like fern leaves, succulents and baby's breath in your place settings to add a romantic flair. Use Chinese lanterns in the same shades of pastel to complete your pretty party look. {Image Credit: Tammy Mitchell Photography}
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3. Use Balloons In Bold Colours For A Bright, Inviting Buffet Station.

A hanging balloon chandelier compliments this "Ready to Pop" themed shower perfectly. Create a simple display of sweets, treats and the cake and keep it clutter-free. Finish it off with some paper bunting and balloon paper printable cupcake and cake toppers. You could also add some small round paper lanterns to the mix, for extra visual interest. {Image Credit: Kara's Party Ideas}
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4. Use Paper Pinwheels & Honeycomb Balls For No-Hang Baby Shower Decorations.

If your party is outdoors or you don't have a lot of wall space to work with for decorations, you'll love using honeycomb balls and paper pinwheels, as they don't need to be hung. They're easy to set up in advance so when you're ready to decorate, you'll have one less thing to do. Place groupings of honeycomb balls and paper pinwheels together with floral arrangements in the same colour shades, for a stunning, girly baby shower. Use these elements to highlight and draw attention to party focal points like the favours table or the gift drop-off station. {Image Credit: Kara's Party Ideas}
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5. Cheer Up A Bare Wall With A Bright Tissue Paper Pom Pom Backdrop.

On the other hand if you've got too much wall space to decorate, you'll find it easy to transform a bland, boring wall into a work of decor art with a few packs of tissue paper pom poms. Choose them in different colours and add a metallic shimmer using extra-thick luxury gold and silver tissue paper pom poms. They're easy to fluff and look gorgeous in multitude. Finish off your party food table with a paper tassel garland and matching paper straws. {Image Credit: Style Me Pretty}
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6. Use Hanging Flower Pom Poms and Strands Of Coloured Beads For A Simple, Glam Baby Shower.

An indoor baby shower has the advantage of being able to use the ceiling of a room to suspend decor over your party food buffet tables. This gives you more surface space on the table to comfortably display your food in a way that is inviting and accessible to guests. Create a dreamy overhead display using tissue paper pom poms and strands of transparent/crystal beads of different lengths. Finish off your table with a banner or bunting. {Image Credit: Baby Shower Decorations}

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7. Use A Changing Table As A Quirky Way To Display Your Party Food.

Getting the guests to chip in to buy the mom-to-be a changing station for her baby shower is a good idea. It's an even better idea to use this gift as a unique way to display and serve baked treats and delicious finger foods. Create a dramatic backdrop highlighting your buffet using a mixture of tissue paper pom poms, eyelet lanterns and honeycomb balls. {Image Credit: Celebrations At Home}
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8. Add Sparkle With Punched Paper Medallions & Paper Pinwheels For A Textured Backdrop.

These punched paper medallions and patterned medallions are a party-planners best friend. They're inexpensive, easy to set up and (best of all) reusable. They're great for adding texture to your backdrop and you can mix in some paper lanterns{Image Credit: Baby Shower Ideas 4 U to add dimension. }
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    9. Use Wooden Boxes & Frames To Create Different Levels Of Visual Interest On Your Party Table.

    Your dessert table or candy buffet is a great way to combine decor with catering. Serve beautiful sweets, cakes, tarts and treats and the guests will appreciate the visual display before tucking in. You can use paper bunting, pinwheels or garlands to decorate the wall behind your table and hang paper lanterns from the ceiling for a quick, easy party look. {Image Credit: Tory Rohelia}
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    10. Create Unique Tabletop Centrepieces For Your Baby Shower Party Decor.

    This hot air balloon table centrepiece made from a paper lantern, baby bottle and LED candle has to be one of the cutest things we've seen on the internet lately. Here's how to make your own. Sprinkle confetti on the tables and make origami shapes to use as an inexpensive flourish. {Image Credit: Our Change of Art}
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