How To Do Christmas At Home

One of the best things about South African Christmas time is that it happens over the summer holidays. The weather is usually perfect, everyone is relaxed and looking forward to the end of a long year, and mostly ready to socialize and put their feet up. Our idea of a good South African Christmas holiday is long, hot days spent in the swimming pool relaxing on a lilo, overlooking lantern draped trees swaying in a breeze with music playing in the background. In the evenings we see moonlit nights spent outside on the patio surrounded by clinking drinks and good company.

Not all of us are able to go away over Christmas, so here are a few tips on how to use décor to make the most of your Christmas holidays at home and add a little ambiance to everyday life.

Use the garden to your décor advantage

The trees and pot plants in your garden or on your patio can be lit up with LED candles, draped lanterns and garlands and fairy lights – transformation at night is incredible and during the day the lanterns and garlands give your outdoor area a little personality.

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Use the pool as a canvas at night

After the pool is given a rest for the day, you don’t have to forget it’s there. One of the prettiest sights you’ll see is floating candles in water at night. After all, there’s nothing quite like the sounds of nature (or background music) by candle light. PS: we currently have a clearance sale on these paper lantern beauties, knock yourself out.

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Make use of glass vases

Vases aren’t only for flowers these days. There’s a huge trend at the moment to plant succulents in glass vases or jugs and have layers of water pearls or water beads. Use these for table decorations or just as part of your patio pot plant collections to add a bit of dimension to your outdoor area.

Image credit: Buzzfeed - 21 Ideas for Adorable Terrariums

Christmas-ify your décor

Obviously the quickest way to tie the above tips into the Christmas theme would be to colour coordinate it to reds and greens or blues and whites. Or, you could follow latest trends and choose a completely obscure colour like aqua and white and throw in a few santa hats and faux snowflakes on the surfaces.

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Are you planning a Christmas party? We hope you find these tips helpful.

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