Wedding Décor Focus That Twinkles

Let’s talk about water beads and wedding reception lighting. We’ve moved so far away from the original days of kitschy water beads that kids used to play with and have since found new ways of using water pearls and LED candles to create elegant décor for almost any occasion.

Have a look at some of these ideas to get you thinking about incorporating LED candles and water pearls into your party decor.

Water Beads & Water Pearls

Cost effective, long lasting, versatile and easy to use – these are just some of the many things we love about our water beads collection. In addition to this, they can be used in floral arrangements to prolong the life of flowers. To give arrangements a real pop, you can also place submersible floralytes into your vases and light up your arrangements at night.

Here are some beautiful examples of how to execute this gorgeous look:

Candles & Pearls:

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This is such a timeless look that it would go with any wedding theme. For this you would need:

  1. A long, clear vase
  2. Pearl water beads
  3. Water
  4. Floating candles

As an added option, you could also cut off the buds of a few white roses to have them floating in between.

Colours & Patterns:

Image credit: Wedding Bee.

It’s such a simple, yet effective idea. As dramatic as this look is, you could also calm it down by adding in a bit of beach sand with hessian wrapped around the vase to get a beach look, add a bit of shells even. We love how versatile it is – these could be used as center pieces, feature pieces on the cake or gift tables or just in the corner as something to attract the eye.

At the bottom of your choice of vase, use ribbon and patterned gift wrapping paper to serve as a contrast to the coloured water beads of your choice.

For lighting at a wedding, the twinklier the better, right? But nobody has time to relight candles after every breeze, so the solution is simple: LED candle lights. There are so many options to choose from, but here are some of our favourites:

Hanging floralytes

A gorgeous way of bringing light in or outdoors. Did you know that hanging floralytes can also be hung inside paper lanterns? Simply attach to the little wire expander inside the lantern, and you're good to go.

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Twinkle Fairy Berries

These berries last for ages and bring such a stunning touch to any water feature pieces. They're water-resistant, so they're great for use in floral arrangements, too.

Amber Flickering LED Tea Lights

No need to constantly replace those tea lights that burn out in an hour with these beauties. They look authentic and run on batteries and are much more convenient and fire-safe.

For more wedding decor inspiration and pretty things to look at, head over to our Pinterest page!

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