LED Lights

Our flameless candles mean that your days of dealing with hot, messy candlewax are over. You no longer have to worry about candles blowing out in the breeze or burning out completely within a few hours, leaving your guests in the dark.

Battery-operated LED tea lights offer a safe alternative to wax candles. Because there's no flame, these LED lights can be hung inside paper lanterns, placed inside closed jars and used outdoors without worry about fire hazards. Use our flickering or non-flickering LED tea lights in paper luminaries to add a glow to décor and our submersible floralytes to add the glow of candle light into your flower arrangements – they're fully waterproof and can be submerged in vases and water features.

Add magic and sparkle to your garden event or party with twinkle fairy berries. These are 2cm clear balls with a tiny LED light inside that gently twinkles on and off. Scatter them across a lawn, in a flowerbed or dot them on your tablescapes where they'll twinkle like fireflies.

Using paper lanterns at night? One of the most bothersome things about using plug-in fairy lights to light up your lanterns is running extension cables from inside to power them. Solve that hassle by using battery-operated hanging floralytes. Each LED candle has a heavy-duty adjustable elastic cord that makes it possible to suspend the bulb on the inside of a paper lantern or light shade.


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