Paper Lanterns

If ever there was a trend to completely capture the imagination of event décor designers, DIY brides and home décor enthusiasts, paper lanterns is it.

And what's not to love about paper lanterns? It's a cost-effective way of decorating as the possibilities for creativity are endless – combine paper lanterns in different sizes and colours – use them as they are, or give them a complete DIY makeover and transform them into something truly unique for your event.

If you want something a little different, we have bamboo lanterns, which are asymmetrically ribbed and make for modern-looking statement pieces. We also have eyelet lanterns, which are handmade paper lanterns with a lacy floral pattern – perfect for use in vintage-inspired party and wedding décor.

If you're looking to make a lasting impression at a wedding, engagement, christening or anniversary party, our red heart sky lanterns are exceptionally beautiful, longer-lasting and safer than fireworks. Our flying lanterns can rise to heights of over 300m and travel across many kilometres to create an enchanting, breath-taking sight in the night sky and your guests will love being involved in a lantern-release ceremony.

For decorating nighttime events we have candle lanterns, better known as luminaries and floating water lanterns, which allow you to play with lighting concepts in your decor. There's nothing more beautiful and effective than the soft glow of candlelight – whether it's candle lanterns lining a garden path, or water lanterns floating in a water feature.

Once you're done with your event, paper lanterns can be flattened for storage and re-used endlessly!


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